Terms of Service

When purchasing from Craig Ventures you agree and are bound to all of the terms and conditions on this page. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without notification and for them to take immediate effect, although we will normally give registered users 30-days notice.

Special Notice

Due to the nature of business we operate, additional terms of service may be laid out on a case-by-case basis. Any additional terms will be provided to you by a member of our team before payment is taken. If you have any questions please contact us.

Service Terms

After making a purchase from us, you may not distribute or re-sell the work without written permission from us. On our web design and integrations, we will include visible credits on the footer that must not be edited/altered in any way. If you wish to remove these credits, a one-time fee of £25.00 will be charged.

Payment Terms

We require an upfront payment before work will begin on a project. The value of that upfront payment depends on the overall value of the project. For a project under the value of £1000.00, the full payment must be taken upfront. For projects above this value, we will require a minimum of 50% to be paid before work will commence. Payments are payable via Direct Bank Transfer, Cheque, or Credit/Debit Card. Any bank transfers must clear the invoice amount free of any bank charges. If you wish to pay via Cheque please note we require the full balance be paid and the Cheque cleared before work will commence. Card Payments are handled directly by Square (https://squareup.com). If clients fail to pay invoices that are due to Craig Ventures, we may utilise an external debt recovery agency to recover the funds on our behalf, and this will (in most cases) result in extra charges being added.


We reserve the right to charge a 10% administration fee (up to £100.00) for any non-payment/cancellation on orders that are placed and invoiced to a client. We therefore suggest all clients are certain our services are suited to them before ordering. We may also report clients who cancel/don't pay orders to Fraud Record.

Fraud Checks

Craig Ventures utilizes FraudRecord & MaxMind to screen new orders for previous fraudulent activity and report existing clients who violate our Terms of Service. In case of a violation, you may be reported to FraudRecord & MaxMind for misbehaviour using your personal information.

Refund Terms

Due to the nature of the services we offer (intangible), we are unable to provide a refund on any of our services. Please contact management@craig-ventures.com if you are unsatisfied with the quality of work we have provided you and we will do our best to assist you.

Last Updated: 22nd September 2019

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